He was born in 1976. His primary education was at Fethiye Çalıca Primary School. After 5 years that, he went to Bitlis in 1986 for Anatolian High school. He has been there 4 years. Then he turned back to Fethiye and became a student at Fethiye Industrial Vocational High School in the field of Cadastral Map. He studied English teaching at the University of Ankara’s Gazi for 5 years. He worked at various jobs during that period in Ankara, a two-year computer course educator and chief for the technical service.


In 1999, in Köyceğiz, he started to work as an English teacher of Ministry of National Education. So his career as a public employee started in this year. In March 2000, he started his military service as a temporary lieutenant and completed in 2001, first in Tuzla İstanbul, then in Foça İzmir and last in Bilecik. After military service, he moved to Fethiye and became teaching English and ICT at Karaçulha Multi Programmed High School.


2004 was the year of taking part in public social organizations such as official union Memur-Sen as a founder president of Fethiye, and Karaçulha Culture and Solidarity Association as a president. He started to work as the headteacher of Karaçulha Primary School in 2005 of March. At that period, he studied local administration for two years at Anadolu University and Public Management in Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences for four years. He completed master’s degree in the field of local governments at Ahmet Yesevi University. For doctorate he studied local governments at Marmara University of Social Sciences Institute and became Ph.D. He also studied Law, Media and Communication and International Relations at bachelors degree.


He has been to England for a study visit of European Union Programme in 2007. He has also visited Saudi Arabia, Greece, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Macedonia. In March 29, 2009 he was the candidate of mayor in Fethiye for the town of Karaçulha. He had twenty percent of the total votes but he couldn’t win the elections. He returned to Karaçulha Multi Programmed High School and worked there 3 years. In 2012, he worked in Fethiye Industrial Vocational High School as an English teacher. He was assigned as a vice head teacher to Fethiye Eldirek İsmail Sarıkaya Secondary School in 2013. He worked as the headteacher of Karaçulha Şehit Mustafa Gökdal Primary and Secondary Schools from 2014 to December of 2017. He was an English teacher at Yanıklar Primary School, in Fethiye dictrict of Muğla, in year 2018. He is an Assist. Prof. Dr. at Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University.


He is married and has two children. He continues to academical studies at the university and in several social organizations. He is a columnist in a local newspaper in Muğla and he also writes articles for magazines and websites.


Mesut Koç, Prizren, Kosova, 2013


Bitola, Macedonia

Yukarı Çık